This template is for use citing individual cards from Star Wars: Armada's expansion packs and campaign expansions.

Usage[edit source]

Place the following code on the page and replace "SET NAME," "CARD NAME," and "URL" with the appropriate information. The URL should link to the card's page on the Star Wars: Armada Wiki.

{{Armada|SET NAME|FORMATTED SET NAME (optional)|cardname=CARD NAME|link=URL}}

Examples[edit source]

{{Armada|Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack|cardname=''Hand of Justice''|link=}}

Results in:

Armada.png Star Wars: Armada – Imperial Light Cruiser Expansion Pack (Card: Hand of Justice)

{{Armada|Star Wars: Armada Core Set|Core Set|cardname=''Dominator''|link=}}

Results in:

Armada.png Star Wars: Armada – Core Set (Card: Dominator)

{{Armada|Rebellion in the Rim|''Rebellion in the Rim''|cardname=''Harrow''|link=}}

Results in:

Armada.png Star Wars: Armada – Rebellion in the Rim (Card: Harrow)

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