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Place the following code on the page and replace "VOLUME", "PAGE" and "ENTRY" with the appropriate information.


All fields are optional, but you must provide a volume if you give a page number.

  • Volume can be either I, II, or III.
  • Page should be an actual number like 180, or for multiple page ranges, something like 180–183 or 180–183, 185. Remember to use an en dash, not a hyphen, for ranges (you can easily create one by typing "–").
    • In the rare case that the template is used in the Sources, no page numbers should be used. Per the Manual of Style, the template will only be used in the Sources list when a subject is referenced in a singular entry but does not have a specific entry of its own.
  • Entry is the name as it appears in the title of the CSWE entry.

If the subject is mentioned in multiple entries, but does not receive its own entry, then use:



The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, Vol. III, p. 163–165 ("Skywalker, Luke")

{{CSWECite|III|163–165|Skywalker, Luke}}