StarWars-DatabankII.png [1] in the Databank (backup link not verified!)


  1. Find the correct article in the new Databank.
  2. Create a Sources section, if needed, and add to the Sources section the text, filling out all the fields:

Note that care must be taken to avoid an incorrect link. |oldversion=1 should be used when the current version of the Databank entry no longer includes the target information.

This template will auto-provide a default archivedate if a value is populated in {{Databank/Archive}}, and no value is given in the archiveurl or archivedate arguments to override the default.

|url= can be used to override the /databank/ subdomain in cases where a Databank feature such as a biography or history gallery is located on the main domain:

StarWars-DatabankII.png Aayla Secura Biography Gallery in the Databank (backup link)