This template is to be used on pages about subjects that have been represented in Hasbro toy sets.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article. Fill in the required fields plus as many of the optional fields as necessary and remove any that you don't use.


Required parametersEdit

  • set: Name of the collection.
  • pack: Name of the individual pack.
  • Either of the two following:
    • link: URL of the pack's page on the website, minus the domain name (
    • altlink: Full URL of the pack's page on a website other than
  • archiveurl: Permanent archival link, preferably using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, as mandated by the Sourcing policy.

Optional parametersEdit

  • text: Formatted name of the collection.
  • nobackup: Put 1 or yes here if a permanent archival link for the URL is not available.


{{HasbroCite|set=Star Wars Saga|text=''Star Wars Saga''|pack=Wampa (Hoth Attack)|link=sw04ultrawampa.asp|archiveurl=}}

Results in:

HasbroInverted Star Wars Saga (Pack: Wampa (Hoth Attack)) (backup link)

{{HasbroCite|set=Star Wars Saga|text=''Star Wars Saga''|pack=Wampa (Hoth Attack)|link=sw04ultrawampa.asp|nobackup=1}}

Results in:

HasbroInverted Star Wars Saga (Pack: Wampa (Hoth Attack)) (backup link not available)

{{HasbroCite|set=Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (toy line)|text=''Star Wars: The Force Unleashed''|pack=Sith & Imperial Troopers Box Set|altlink=|archiveurl=}}

Results in:

HasbroInverted Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Pack: Sith & Imperial Troopers Box Set) (backup link)

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