HyperspaceIcon.png {{{text}}} on Hyperspace (content removed from StarWars.com and unavailable)

Usage instructions[]

  • |url=Original URL to the material from the old StarWars.com, excluding the https://www.starwars.com part. Will return a 404 error now.
  • |text= – Formatted name of the material being cited.
  • |int= – Unformatted title of the Wookieepedia article on the material being cited. Not required.
  • |archivedate= – Date of Archive.org backup link.
  • |newurl= – URL to a live version of the material legally hosted on an official site. Do not use this to link to copyright violations! Make sure it is on an official site such as Star Wars Suvudu before linking to it this way. Not required.
  • |newhost= – Wikilinked name of site hosting the live version (e.g. Random House). Required if |newurl= is given.

As of September 2011, all Hyperspace links are completely inaccessible.