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Copy and paste the following code into the image description when uploading new images. Note that all of the fields seen below must be present even if they are left blank.

|other versions=
|cat artist=
|cat licensee=
|cat subject=
|cat type=}}

Required parameters

  • |description= A brief description of the file contents, including any links to Wookieepedia pages.
  • |source= Cite the source of the file, using citation templates or links to out-of-universe pages on Wookieepedia. Can include multiple sources.
  • |licensing= Must use one of the copyright templates.
  • |cat licensee= Use categories associated with the source parameter. If the source of the file is non-Star Wars related, then skip can be used.
  • |cat subject= Use categories associated with the subject's description, for example Category:Images of Han Solo.

If the |source= or |licensing= fields are left blank, the image will be categorized into Category:Images with unknown source or Category:Images with unknown copyright status, respectively, and will be subject to deletion per the Image policy.

All categories shall be listed alphabetically, excluding words like "the" and "a".

Optional parameters

  • |attention= Can be used for messages such as {{User-image}}.
  • |artist= Link to the artist's Wookieepedia page, if known/available. Multiple can be added if necessary.
  • |filespecs= Detail any changes to the file before it was uploaded to Wookieepedia, such as cropping, removal of text from speech bubbles, color/saturation etc.
  • |other versions= Link other versions of the file, for instance, SVG counterparts.
  • |cat artist= Use category associated with the artist. Multiple can be added if necessary.
  • |cat type= Use categories that specify the type of content, for example Category:Live-action images. However, some categories are automatically added based on the template used in the |licensing= field, and in this case the parameter can be left blank.


Category:Images by artistCategory:Images by licenseeCategory:Images by subjectCategory:Images by type