LucasArtsIcon.png {{{text}}} on (backup link not verified!)

This template is to be used for citing individual pages on

Usage[edit source]

Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article. Fill in the required fields plus as many of the optional fields as necessary and remove any that you don't use.


Required parameters[edit source]

  • url: URL of the web page, minus the domain name (
  • text: Name of the page being cited.

Optional parameters[edit source]

  • int: Name of the Wookieepedia article corresponding to the article being cited.

Examples[edit source]

{{LucasArtsCite|url=products/x-wing/default.htm|text=''X-Wing Collector Series'' official site|archivedate=20000229172218}}

Results in:

LucasArtsIcon.png X-Wing Collector Series official site on (backup link)

{{LucasArtsCite|url=products/x-wing/default.htm|text=''X-Wing Collector Series'' Official Website|archivedate=20000229172218}}

Results in:

LucasArtsIcon.png X-Wing Collector Series Official Website on (backup link)

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