Locations of the New Jedi Order
Jedi Praxeum · Ossus Jedi Academy · Hidden Temple · Jedi Headquarters
New Jedi Temple · Jedi Enclave (Corellia) · Jedi Praxeum (Dathomir) · Jedi Academy (Shedu Maad)
Eclipse Station · Shelter · Errant Venture · Jedi Outpost

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{{subst:nt|[[Jedi Praxeum]] · [[Jedi Academy (Ossus)|Ossus Jedi Academy]] · [[Hidden Temple (Sith–Imperial War)|Hidden Temple]] · [[Jedi Headquarters]]<br />[[New Jedi Temple]] · [[Jedi Enclave (Corellia)]] · [[Jedi Praxeum (Dathomir)]] · [[Jedi Academy (Shedu Maad)]]<br />[[Eclipse Station]] · [[Shelter]] · ''[[Errant Venture]]'' · [[Jedi Outpost]]}}
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