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This template is to be used for citing all StarWars.com content published before the official site's revamp on September 13, 2011, or before the revamp of early 2014, and that wasn't kept available at least after this last revamp. Content from this period is identifiable either by the use of .html in filename (http://www.starwars.com/patch/filename.html) or by the complete removal of a selection of the website sections (and url paths) by early 2014 (ex: Shop).

For content kept online or published after the revamp of early 2014, use {{SW}}.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article, fill the required fields, and remove any that you don't use.


All fields need to be explicitly assigned to; otherwise, use of the "=" symbol in the URLs messes up the template.

Required parameters[]

  • |url= The URL of the page, minus http://www.starwars.com/.
  • |text= The formatted text to display.
  • For archive link, see Backup links below.

Optional parameters[]

  • |subdomain= The subdomain part of the URL. The parameter must be filled with the part between http:// and .starwars.com. For example, if using a link beginning with http://www.cargobay.starwars.com, then the parameter must be |subdomain=cargobay.
  • |int= This field provides a link to the Wookieepedia article, if one exists.
  • |author= Name(s) of the author(s). Must be formatted like "Last name, First name"; multiple authors must be separated with a ";" between their names. Note that an author is not necessarily an individual and could be an organization. A long list of authors can be reduced using ", et al." after the first name. Provide wikilinks whenever they are available.
  • |date= Full date of publication, in ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format, for example "date=2006-02-17".

Unneccesary parameters[]

  • |nolive= As the original online content is no longer available, the template will automatically add "content now obsolete;" to the citation, and therefore does NOT require the use of "|nolive=1" like with other citation templates.

Backup links[]


{{SWArchive|url=the_movies/saga/fifteenth_online_anniversary/index.html|text=''Star Wars'' Online: 15 Years Old Today|date=2010-07-15|archivedate=20110913132814}}

Results in:

StarWars.com Star Wars Online: 15 Years Old Today on StarWars.com (July 15, 2010) (content now obsolete; backup link)

Using |int=

{{SWArchive|url=vault/collecting/droids_ewoks_25th_anniversary/index.html|text=25 Years of Collecting ''Droids'' and ''Ewoks''!|int=25 Years of Collecting Droids and Ewoks!|author=Vilmur, Pete|date=2010-09-07|archivedate=20110617035821}}

Results in:

StarWars.com 25 Years of Collecting Droids and Ewoks! on StarWars.com (article by Vilmur, Pete) (September 7, 2010) (content now obsolete; backup link)

Using |subdomain=

{{SWArchive|subdomain=cargobay|url=webapps/cargobay/browse/137|text=Thrawn Trilogy|archivedate=20120825053603}}

Results in:

Cargo Bay Thrawn Trilogy in the StarWars.com Cargo Bay (content now obsolete; backup link)