StarWars.com {{{text}}} on StarWars.com (content now obsolete; backup link not verified!)

This template is to be used for citing all StarWars.com articles published before the official site's revamp on September 13, 2011. For articles published after, use {{SW}}.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article, fill the required fields, and remove any that you don't use.


Required parameters[]

  • url: URL of the web page, minus the domain name (http://www.starwars.com/).
  • text: Name of the page being cited.
  • backup link, using one of the available methods:
    • archivedate: The Internet Archive's timestamp of the page.
    • archiveurl: For linking full addresses of alternative archival sites, such as archive.is.
  • nobackup: Put 1 or yes here if a permanent archival link for the URL is not available.

Optional parameters[]

  • int: Link to the Wookieepedia article.
  • domain : Subdomain of starwars.com. The parameter must be filled with the part between http://www. and starwars.com. For example, if using a link beginning with http://www.cargobay.starwars.com/, then the parameter must be |domain=cargobay.

With domain parameter:



{{SWArchive|url=the_movies/saga/fifteenth_online_anniversary/index.html|text=''Star Wars'' Online: 15 Years Old Today|archivedate=20110913132814}}

Results in:

StarWars.com Star Wars Online: 15 Years Old Today on StarWars.com (content now obsolete; backup link)


{{SWArchive|url=vault/collecting/droids_ewoks_25th_anniversary/index.html|text=25 Years of Collecting ''Droids'' and ''Ewoks''!|int=25 Years of Collecting Droids and Ewoks!|archivedate=20110617035821}}

Results in:

StarWars.com 25 Years of Collecting Droids and Ewoks! on StarWars.com (article) (content now obsolete; backup link)


{{SWArchive|domain=cargobay|url=webapps/cargobay/browse/137|text=Thrawn Trilogy|archivedate=20120825053603}}

Results in:

Cargo Bay Thrawn Trilogy in the StarWars.com Cargo Bay (content now obsolete; backup link)

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