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Warning! This page contains spoilers from a recently released or soon-to-be-released product. Caution is advised.


{{Spoiler|product's article title|formatted name|time=}}

  1. Insert template at the top of the page, immediately below the {{Top}} and disambiguation templates, if they are on the page. (see the Layout Guide)
  2. Replace "product's article title" with the title of the article for the product containing the spoiler and "formatted name" with the formatted name of the product.
    • For multiple products, more pairs of the product's article title|formatted name parameters may be added to the end of the template.
    • If the formatted name is omitted, the first parameter will be used in its place. If both parameters are omitted, the template will display the text shown at the top of this page.
  3. The spoiler's expiry date (see the spoiler policy) must be added to the time field using any standard date format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD). Then, on that day, the article will be listed on Category:Articles with expired spoiler notices to make removing/updating expired spoiler templates more convenient for editors. Also, between 11:00 UTC and 11:59 UTC that day, JocastaBot will automatically either remove the entire template or, where applicable, update it according to the sources listed there.


  • {{Spoiler|Life Day Treasury|''Life Day Treasury''}} produces the message: "Warning! This page contains spoilers from Life Day Treasury. Caution is advised."
  • {{Spoiler|Bounty Lost|quote1=1}} produces the message: "Warning! This page contains spoilers from "Bounty Lost." Caution is advised."
    In both instances, the article will be listed in Category:Articles with spoilers.