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This template is to be used for citing individual Star Wars Trading Card Game cards, primarily using the product pages found on https://swtcg.com/.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article. Fill in the required fields plus as many of the optional fields as necessary and remove any that you don't use.


Required parameters[]

  • |set= Name of the collection.
  • |cardname= Name of the individual pack.
  • |link= Full URL of the pack's web page

Optional parameters[]

  • |sformatted= Formatted name of the collection.
  • |nolive= When the original online content is no longer available, add nolive=1.
  • |archivedate= The default values for dates are centralized at {{TCG/Archive}}. This template will use the default value when omitting archivedate or archiveurl, but either can be provided to override the default value.


Using the /Archive central repository

{{TCG|set=Return of the Jedi (TCG)|sformatted=''Return of the Jedi''|link=https://swtcg.com/Content/Images/Cards/ROTJ/Nien_Nunb_A.webp?v=2|cardname=Nien Nunb (A)}}

Results in:

TCGsmall.jpg Star Wars Trading Card GameReturn of the Jedi (Card: Nien Nunb (A)) (backup link)