Warning: This Trash compactor thread is incomplete.
In order to complete the Trash compactor process, please create a TC discussion page so that the community can decide this page's fate. Otherwise, this message will be removed.

Usage instructions

Add {{tc}} to the top of the page to be deleted.

If the page has undergone a previous TC, you must come up with a name for the new TC discussion page using the following syntax: {{tc|TC_page_name}}.


| bg = #B0B0B0
| image = [[File:Trash.jpg|150px]]
| caption = What an incredible smell you've discovered!
| message = This article is nominated for deletion or merge in accordance with Wookieepedia's '''[[Wookieepedia:Deletion policy|deletion policy]]'''.
| comment = Please see '''[[Wookieepedia:Trash compactor/{{{1|{{FULLPAGENAME}}}}}|this article's entry]]''' on the [[Wookieepedia:Trash compactor|trash compactor]] page for discussion on the matter. Do not remove this tag until discussion is complete.