{{Top-mobile}} is a way to allow mobile visitors a way to switch between the canon and legends version of a page. It only works on Mercury, FANDOM's mobile web skin.


This template is inserted into all in-universe infobox templates as a way of triggering choice between the Legends and Canon versions of a page. It works in Mercury, but is less likely to currently work in the Wookieepedia app, because the app doesn't yet support image linking.

Strictly speaking, it only works in Mercury, because it is not active in the default desktop skin.

How it works[]

When you're on a Canon page -- defined as a page without /Legends in the title, so R2-D2 -- you'll see the following images underneath the main image:


When clicked on a phone, the "Canon" image will take you to the article, Canon. The "Go to Legends" image will take you to that article's title + /Legends. So, if you were on Cloud City, you'd go to Cloud City/Legends.

By contrast, if you were on the page Sio Bibble/Legends, you'd see these images:


Here, the "Legends" image would take you to Star Wars Legends, and the "Go to Canon" image would take you to the canon version of the article: Sio Bibble.

Finally, if you're on a canon page without a legends counterpart -- like Kylo Ren -- or a legends page without a canon counterpart -- like Keleman Ciro -- the switcher will indicate which of the two it is.

A few cases -- typically those involving different names for the topic in canon than in legends, like Watts -- are a bit confusing for this system to figure out, so the "fall back" canon/legends switcher that's a part of {{Top}} is available for correct mobile switching.

Example images[]

Here are some images taken from both legends and canon pages from a real iOS phone. These are not simulations of the mobile experience.