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{{Twitter|username|url|actual name|quote=|archivedate=|archiveurl=|image=|nobackup=1}}

Required parameters

  • username: Twitter handle of the user, such as HolocronKeeper.
  • url: URL to the tweet in question, such as status/21161475288.
  • actual name: Actual name of the user, linked to Wookieepedia if possible, for example [[Leland Chee]].
  • backup link, using one of the available methods:
    • archivedate: The Internet Archive's timestamp of the page.
    • archiveurl: For linking full addresses of alternative archival sites, such as
    • image: For providing a link to a screenshot of the tweet, uploaded to Wookieepedia, as per Wookieepedia:Mofferences/June 29, 2014.
    • nobackup: If a tweet is unavailable and no backup exists, this parameter is used to remove the page from the missing permanent archival links maintenance category.

Optional parameters

  • quote: Users are encouraged to utilize the optional "quote" field in the template whenever possible, especially when citing canonical information, as Twitter posts are subject to permanent removal at any time.



{{Twitter|HolocronKeeper|status/21161475288|[[Leland Chee]]}}


{{Twitter|HolocronKeeper||[[Leland Chee]]}}


{{Twitter|HolocronKeeper|status/21161475288|[[Leland Chee]]|quote=Yes, Stewjon will be in the Holocron.}}


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