Please ignore the error messages. The infobox will work correctly on an article whose title is formatted as "# ABY" or "# BBY".

Example[edit source]

The year is automatically included in the template based upon the page name. The other fields are as follows:

  • Tapani: Year in the Tapani Sector calendar
  • conflict: Ongoing conflicts
  • chancellor: Supreme Chancellor during that year (may be multiple)
  • chief: Chief of State during that year (may be multiple)
  • head: Head of State during that year (may be multiple and can be used for any governing entity)
  • emperor: Emperor during that year (may be multiple)
  • events: Key events during the year. Do not include every birth, death, or battle.
The year-conversion and galacticera fields have both been deprecated. Their contents are automatically generated, and should not be manually added, as the code for those fields has been removed.

Using the template[edit source]

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