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This template is to be used for adding a hatnote to an article that points the reader to other articles with similar titles.


Copy the template code below and paste it into the appropriate place in an article. Fill in the required fields plus the optional field if necessary.


Required parameters

  • THIS ARTICLE: Replace this with a very brief summary of the article the template is placed on.
  • OTHER ARTICLES: Replace this with a very brief summary of other articles with similar titles.

Optional parameters

  • linebreak: Put 1 or yes after linebreak to add a linebreak between the first and second sentence of the template's message.


{{Youmay|the [[Star Wars Legends|''Star Wars'' Legends]] novel|the group known as the [[Children of the Jedi]]|linebreak=1}}

Results in:

This page is about the Star Wars Legends novel.
You may be looking for the group known as the Children of the Jedi.