The Temple employees were citizens of the Galactic Republic who were employed by the Jedi Order to maintain the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

History[edit | edit source]

Old Jedi Order[edit | edit source]

The Temple was a vast complex that served as the Jedi Order's main hub for training of students and boarding for knights. As such, it was in constant need of maintenance and upkeep. Within the Temple Precinct, offices were held where Jedi were assigned to hire and direct non-Jedi in cleaning and maintaining the Temple's large collection of artifacts under the authority of the Council of Reassignment. Jedi would hire supervisors to watch and instruct these workers.[1]

All jobs were divided into different groups. Maintenance, technicians, caretakers, and security, were some of the different factions. Maintenance workers were occupied with making sure that all doors, turbolifts, and droids were operational. A fleet of maintenance droids were kept within the Temple and were deployed to do basic checks and repairs. Technicians were employed mainly to focus on the electric, temperature, and lighting aspects of Temple life. There was also a subdivision focused on the upkeep of starfighters and transports with in the Temple's hangars. Caretakers were tasked with polishing statues, buffing marble, dusting holobooks, and other tasks to beautify the Temple. A group of droids were also on hand to assist with these tasks. Non-Forceful members of the Temple Security Force worked closely with the Jedi brutes and snipers to defend the Temple from intruders.[1]

Maintenance corridors ran along the main halls in order for workers to move about unseen. Undercoated, sparsely lit halls, with storage crates piled against the walls created a dismal and out of place appearance. Laundry chutes led to the automated laundry facilities that were placed throughout the Temple behind the hall's façade. Rumor among Jedi Initiates was it was impossible to descend through a chute, though they never claimed to know exactly how this was prevented.[3]

During the final decades of the Republic, Lorn Pavan worked as a Jedi maintenance being until he was forced to resign when he attempted to make contact with his son Jax Pavan, who was undergoing training in the Temple's academy.[4] Additionally, the Jinzler family was employed within the Temple halls, as their daughter was also a member of the Order.[5] When the Clone Wars erupted in 22 BBY, public opinion turned on the Jedi and security on the Temple was increased. When the Temple was bombed during the war, several mechanics were killed including demolitions expert Jackar Bowmani.[6]

During Operation: Knightfall at the close of the war, the Grand Army of the Republic entered the Temple and began to slaughter its occupants both Jedi and their aide-de-camps alike. Those employees who escaped went on to help in the underground organization known as Whiplash, an anti-Imperial group bent on dismantling the Empire and restoring the Republic.[2]

New Jedi Order[edit | edit source]

Several years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the New Jedi Order once again employed citizens to maintain the new Jedi Temple and the Ossus Academy. When both groups were evacuated during Darth Caedus's reign, the caretakers fled with the Jedi to help maintain secrecy.

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