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"Do not be fooled, Savage. The Temple of Eedit serves only as a front for the military operations of the Republic."
―Count Dooku, to Savage Opress[src]

The Temple of Eedit, also known as the Eedit Temple, was a Jedi temple on the jungle planet Devaron. The temple was a place of personal rebirth and fortification for its visitors, drawing upon the vergence in the Force that the temple was built on. The Galactic Republic used it as a base during the Clone Wars, and the temple became a vital outpost in the Republic's campaign against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Constructed deep within a jungle near the city Tikaroo on Devaron, the Eedit Temple was an elegant structure that emerged from the tangles of vines and underbrush. The grand promenade, known as the Eedit Road, that led to the temple cut straight through the jungle and up the stately staircase at the temple's main door. A relatively small temple compared to the Jedi Order's larger facilities, though it borrowed its architectural style from the towers of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Comprised of two dissimilar towers made of gray stone, they were joined at the base. The circular courtyard that was situated adjacent to the temple was a place of meditation, combat training, and study; a fountain was located at the center of the area. Auxiliary buildings surrounded the towers, as well as statues of ancient Jedi and other symbolism important to the Order.[1]

The interior of the towers was spartan and clean. The base of the larger of the two towers was accessed by the main doors at the top of a monumental staircase. Inside was a large entry hall that led off into the heart of the temple facility. Several classrooms, a dining hall, dormitories, and caretakers' offices were located in the upper levels. An escape passage led from the main hall, beneath the courtyard, and into the jungle beyond.[1]


Established on the jungle planet Devaron because of its vast number of Force-sensitives and a powerful vergence in the Force, the Jedi Order built the Temple at the site of the vergence as an academy for the Devaronians best suited to join the Jedi. The vergence, which was strongest in the courtyard of the Temple, made it easy to learn new techniques in the Force and to heal the spirit. The light side aspects of the Force were strong here and offered those touched by darkness to feel awash in the light of the Force.[1]

Jedi Master Halsey and his Padawan Knox defend the Temple.

By the time of the Clone Wars, the temple was lightly-staffed, with only a single Jedi Master as caretaker with their apprentice to assist them.[1] The Temple was equipped as a surveillance post by the Grand Army of the Republic to assist in the war effort. This made the Temple a target as a military institution by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. On the orders of Count Dooku, Savage Opress attacked the Temple of Eedit, storming up the Eedit Road and killing the caretakers, Master Halsey and Padawan Knox.[2]

After the Clone Wars, a few Republic loyalists attempted to take shelter within, prompting it to be targeted by the Galactic Empire. The Empire bombed it from orbit, leaving the temple in ruins. In addition, all Devaronians found within 1,000 kilometers were labeled collaborators and killed.[3] After destroying much of the temple, the Imperial Army swept through the ruins on foot, destroying anything of value they could find and installing traps across the facility's interior. Most of the walls across the temple's interior were marred by blaster fire, and the statues were defaced or toppled. The orbital bombardment had shattered the pinnacle of the main tower, raining rubble and debris down upon the courtyard, completely blocking the main entrance. A giant crater was blown into the entry hall by a well-set bomb, destroying whatever was in the center of the room. The tunnel was largely collapsed, while the surrounding buildings were completely razed. Pikhrons came to live in the vicinity, taking refuge in the courtyard from the hunters that stalked them.[1]

In 14 BBY,[4] during a hyperspace travel Cere Junda recalled the Temple of Eedit as one of her favorite places that she could never go back because of the reign of the Galactic Empire. She remembered that the light was strong around the temple and that it could be felt around her.[5]

Skywalker comes for a visit.

In 0 ABY,[6] Luke Skywalker had visions about the temple, prompting him to seek out the ruins. Training in the Force within the temple's courtyard, working with three remotes and using the Force to deflect their blasts. After he had defeated the Emperor and Darth Vader, Luke returned to Devaron to visit the temple once more.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Within the Star Wars Legends continuity, the Republic outpost briefly seen in "Cargo of Doom" and the Temple of Eedit from "Monster" were confirmed to be the same facility. Both locations were derived from the same production artwork, entitled "Devaron Jedi outpost."[8] However, in official canon, the StarWars.com Databank's entry on Devaron indicated that the two locations were separate.[9]



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