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Theron Shan: "A "device for mass ritual sacrifice"? That's seriously what he called it?"
Darth Marr: "Capable of killing every living thing on this moon, as fuel for the Emperor's resurrection."
Lana Beniko: "And housed within the very temple the Revanites are using as their base of operations."
―The coalition's leaders discuss the artifact[src]

A large Sith artifact was installed in the upper levels of the Temple of Sacrifice on the moon Yavin 4. The artifact was, with the accompanying ritual, capable of consuming all life on Yavin 4, and thus the Sith Emperor sought to use it as a failsafe in case his host body was slain. The mad Force-user Revan seized control of the artifact and tried to resurrect the Emperor in order to kill him, but the forces of the temporarily-allied Sith Empire and Galactic Republic stormed the temple and destroyed the artifact before the ritual was completed.