The Temple of the Blueleaf Cluster, also known as the Blueleaf Temple, was a temple on Yavin 4 located on the Taurin Delta, just downstream the Unnh River from the Great Temple.


Its name came from the fact that images of blueleaf shrub leaves were carved into the outer surface of the temple. The Blueleaf Temple was half as tall as the Massassi Temple, but had a proportionately wider base. The majority of the temple was taken up by a single vast opening, with stairs leading up and down to levels of alcoves carved into the walls. The temple contained a mysterious blue energy crystal.



Rebel Alliance troops explore the temple

When it was surveyed by Dr'uun Unnh for the Rebel Alliance, several anomalies were detected; consequently, General Jan Dodonna ordered the entrance be sealed with rocks. After the Rebels evacuated Yavin Base, the Imperial forces burned through the rocks to gain access believing it to hold Rebel supply stockpiles. During the Galactic Civil War and possibly well before, it was discovered that aggressive insectoids, designated the klikniks, inhabited the temple's interior, effectively keeping any outsiders from entering.[2]

The temple was visited by Corran Horn, Kam Solusar, and Brakiss in 11 ABY, as part of a survey of the Massassi temples that Horn was carrying out to find which temple the spirit of Exar Kun was anchored in.[3] During the Assault on Yavin 4 in 12 ABY, Imperial forces believed it to be the Jedi headquarters, and it therefore sustained heavy TIE/sa bomber damage.[4]


The mysterious blue energy crystal within the temple



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