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The Temple of the Sith, formed from what used to be the new Jedi Temple, was a building located on Coruscant. After having served the New Jedi Order since the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, it was captured by the One Sith in 130 ABY. It was then recaptured by the New Jedi Order and the reformed Galactic Alliance at the end of the Second Imperial Civil War in 138 ABY.


"I heard the Sith built their Temple right over the old Jedi Temple. Right over the place I called home."
Cade Skywalker[src]

The Sith Temple under attack.

In 130 ABY, the New Galactic Empire fell into the control of Darth Krayt and his One Sith. The New Jedi Temple was conquered and the structure was renamed the Temple of the Sith and renovated. The symbolic transparisteel pyramid was removed and the roof was redesigned; and like the old Temple, four towers were erected at each corner, while the New Jedi Order's four additional pyramids were destroyed.

The changes in the height of surrounding buildings made it so that only the newly exposed pyramidal roof was visible. The Precinct, along with the Temple Ziggurat were hidden from view, while the formal entrance was erected on the roof and the Processional Way was rebuilt as a bridge that stood over the old road. Because the upper portion of the Temple was the only thing to be rebuilt, the foundations and parts of the interior layout were easy to infiltrate by Cade in 137 ABY.

Darth Maladi set up her laboratory in the area where healing and scientific study were formerly performed. It was here that she interrogated Hosk Trey'lis to find the location of Cade Skywalker, setting into motion the events which led to the last Skywalker's capture. Krayt sensed Cade Skywalker entering the Temple of the Sith with the intent on rescuing the Jedi Hosk Trey'lis. Krayt ordered that his Hands, Darth Nihl and Darth Talon, capture Skywalker and present him to their master. Cade infiltrated the Temple from one of the old entrances, and eventually released the Bothan Jedi healer.

Following his capture by the Sith Hands, Cade was passed to Darth Maladi for torture. Using a lethal dose of ixetal cilona, she planned to force him into a malleable state, but her best efforts were foiled due to Cade's former use of death sticks and his great Force abilities greatly boosting his immunity to the poison. Upon hearing this, Krayt wanted Cade to join him, but Cade refused. In a show of cruelty, Krayt ordered Maladi to infect the recently captured Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue with deadly Yuuzhan Vong Yorik-Kul coral seeds. Cade saved his friends and made a deal with Krayt: he would remain with the Sith in exchange for his friends' freedom.

XoXaan's statue at the Temple of the Sith.

Krayt proceeded to feed Cade and told him, Darth Talon and Darth Wyyrlok the story of A'Sharad Hett, a Jedi turned Sith. Hett was Krayt, as Skywalker learned. At last, Skywalker accepted what Krayt believed to be his destiny, and agreed to learn the ways of the Sith. Krayt commanded him to heal Talon, for she would be his teacher. During the training of Cade, Talon would bring her student to the Sith Art Chamber and the basement where they would duel decrepit droids and Yuuzhan Vong growth. Meanwhile, Imperial agent Morrigan Corde infiltrated the Temple, and planted a number of Yuuzhan Vong bugs within the old power core. Skywalker was trained as an acolyte, forced to heal himself at even the most minor bit of damage.

After a botched attempt at rescuing Hosk Trey'lis again from Maladi's laboratory, Darth Krayt ordered Cade to execute the Jedi Master. Cade refused, and thus Krayt executed Trey'lis himself. Provoked by Krayt's ruthlessness and encouraged by the Force-ghost of Kol Skywalker, Cade used the Force to shatter a display case holding his father's lightsaber and proceeded to duel the Sith. He then used the weapon to stab Darth Talon in the stomach, immediately taking her out of the fight. He then was attacked by Darth Nihl. Krayt stayed back and tried to persuade Cade to kill Nihl in anger and become a Sith. Eventually, Cade cut Nihl's arm off, threw him against a wall, and used Force lightning on him. Krayt then told Cade to avenge his father's death by killing Nihl. As Cade and the Sith argued, the Mynock, which was beginning its attack was intercepted by Skull Squadron; however, Morlish Veed ordered Moff Rulf Yage to call off the attack, citing that the Sith ordered the Temple's aerial space to be left undisturbed. Unbeknownst to Yage, all of this was planned before hand in order to insure Cade's rescue. As the Mynock reached its destination, Corde detonated the Vong bugs which destroyed the Temple hangars.

Just as the duel between Skywalker and Emperor Krayt was reaching its climax, Morrigan Corde blasted open the window behind them, showering Krayt with transparisteel shards. Cade then jumped out and was rescued by Jariah Syn aboard the Mynock, who pulled him inside. The Mynock then escaped the planet and jumped to hyperspace, but not before Corde revealed herself to Cade over a comlink. Corde revealed herself to be his mother, but when Cade demanded some answers, she replied that he wouldn't be getting any.


The Sith Pyramid[]

When the Sith took over the Temple, they slowly began to remove the vestiges of the old Order. The transparisteel pyramid that crowned the ziggurat was destroyed, revealing the stone pyramid that was built around the Sacred Spire. Portions of the pyramid were enhanced with durasteel armor while large crimson colored windows were installed in every chamber and hall. The peak of the mountain was removed and a gaping hole at the top of the pyramid emitted a constant column of smoke in its place. Labyrinthine and dark, the winding corridors of the Temple were tinted red with the flames of distant torches, setting a fiery atmosphere through the complex. Statues of Sith Lords long dead soared into the darkened heights of the Temple, while bridges passed over what appeared to be abysmal pits. Mold grew on the lower level stairs and walls, while Dianoga began to creep into the unkempt, flooded halls. Combat droids roamed the dismal halls waiting to ambush unsuspecting Sith acolytes, ensuring that occupants of the Temple were constantly on edge and wary of attack. Because the Temple Ziggurat was obstructed from view, a new entrance was built on the roof of the Temple, which now served as the base of the Sith Pyramid. Simple and devoid of symbolism, the main entrance was guarded by two Sith Lords at all times.


The Council spires were redesigned as well, with the Tower of First Knowledge serving as Darth Krayt's Tower. Red light filled the windows of the towers, making them appear to be smoldering.

Darth Krayt also maintained a War Room inside the Temple.



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