The Temples of Vormijj were three ancient Jedi temples located in the jungles of the planet of Pamorjal.

Appearance and featuresEdit

The Temples of Vormijj were built on Pamorjal, about 180 kilometers from Beldon, the capital city. The three temples were next to each other, with a larger temple in the middle and two smaller ones on either side. The two smaller temples were identical and were both placed roughly 150 meters from the central temple. The central temple was about 50 meters high, while the smaller temples were about 35 meters high. All three temples were four-sided pyramids, and they had steps carved into them leading to the top. All three temples were made from a gray stone and were inset with crystals. The largest temple contained a room with a starchart in it, with crystals representing the locations of Coruscant, Pamorjal and the Soulsaber.


Thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, a Dark Jedi constructed a dark-side artifact called the Soulsaber, and he fought a group of Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters on Pamorjal. Many of them were slain, but the Dark Jedi was eventually defeated, and the surviving twelve Jedi Masters left with the Soulsaber to hide it. The surviving Jedi Knights traveled into the jungles of Pamorjal and constructed the temples to show the way to the Soulsaber's hiding place.

By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the temples had became a tourist attraction. The Dark Jedi Thaum Rystra traveled to them, to discover the location of the Soulsaber, which he sought for his master, Valik Kodank. Shortly afterward, a group of Rebel Alliance agents who were pursuing Rystra arrived at the temples. They were attacked there by members of the Pamorjal Freeman's League, who had been tricked by Rystra into thinking that the Alliance agents posed a threat to them.