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Temptors were predatory forest-dwelling reptiles native to Endor.

A temptor crawling along the forest floor.

Temptors got their name for using their long, furry lure-like tongues to draw their prey toward their powerful hidden jaws. Food was always abundant on Endor and the temptors usually ate rodents, birds and other small creatures.

A temptor had pale, fleshy skin covered with mucus, which allowed it to slither into tight spots and then strike prey fast after luring it with its tongue.

Even though it slithered like a snake, a temptor still had claws for anchoring itself to the ground or wherever it had accustomed itself to hide, such as in hollow logs or small caves. A temptor had excellent eyesight due to multiple eyes on its head.

Temptors were, by 32 BBY, denizens of Gardulla the Hutt's pleasure garden, built within her Tatooine palace that was located near the Dune Sea. The garden housed many other predators as well, both plants and animals, that would, to Gardulla's untiring delight, pounce upon unwary passersby—captive beings that Gardulla constrained to enter the garden for her own and others' perverse entertainment.[1]

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The temptor was recycled for Caravan of Courage from unused concept art for Return of the Jedi. It was originally slated to be called a tempter—just as the spelling (in error) exists in Dave Wolverton's Episode I Adventures 7: Capture Arawynne—with the only real difference between them being that the tempter was a rodent-like creature, and the temptor is reptilian. Wolverton's snake-like creations also bear 'powerful teeth'.

A temptor's tongue.

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