"The area around Ten Mile Plateau is one of our most important tourist attractions."
―An Ord Mantell representative[src]

The Ten Mile Plateau was a plateau located to the north of Worlport, deep within the Scraplands on the planet Ord Mantell. A stellar-energy station was established on the top of the plateau, but had been abandoned as of the Galactic Civil War.


A flat expanse of uplands within the Scraplands, Ten Mile Plateau stood above the smog and detritus that choked the region. Despite the lack of vegetation, Savrips and pterosaurs resided on the flat top of the plateau, keeping explorers at bay. A stellar-energy station was established on the top of the plateau circa 1000 BBY before being abandoned for reasons that were never clearly discovered.[1]

Following the destruction of the first Death Star, the bounty hunter Skorr used the energy station as his base of operations, and held Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa captive there to lure Han Solo into his trap. Fortunately for the Heroes of Yavin, Solo and Chewbacca outwitted Skorr and returned with Skywalker and Organa to the local spaceport.



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