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This article is about Ten Numb. You may be looking for Nien Nunb.

Ten Numb was a red-suited Sullustan B-wing pilot who served at the Battle of Endor as Blue Five.[1]


Ten Numb, a former bounty hunter and demolitions expert,[1] joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and was assigned to Blue Squadron. During the assault on the second Death Star, Ten Numb was ordered to lead a B-wing attack against Imperial command ships. He carried out meritorious service during the battle, and was promoted as Blue Leader after the conflict.


Ten Numb with his B-wing starfighter.

Following the truce at Bakura, Ten Numb helped combat forest fires on the forest moon of Endor, using his B-wing's reconfigured weapons systems to spray fire extinguishing fluid over the canopy.[3]

He accompanied Luke Skywalker and various members of Rogue Squadron to Corellia, where he was separated from the group when he followed Imperial storm commandos on a stolen speeder bike. He was captured by General Weir, who took him to Tralus. The other Rogue Squadron members followed his signal, but arrived too late, as Ten was killed during interrogation.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Rogue Leader Nunb

Numb in the pilot's seat over Endor.

In the movie Ten is played by Richard Bonehill.[4] He wore a red uniform, as did all B-wing pilots. Easily mistaken for Nien Nunb, Ten can be seen in this uniform on an original Topps Return of the Jedi trading card as well as in the film during the briefing and the celebration on Endor.

The Decipher CCG card and both Hasbro action figures depict him in a white uniform. This is based on a preproduction image of the character where he was wearing a white uniform, not on his film appearance. This is largely attributed to the (at the time) only known photo of Ten Numb in the book Star Wars Chronicles, as most assumed the red suited Sullustan on Endor was, in fact, Nien Nunb.

He also appears in the comics wearing a white uniform. There are three LEGO B-wing play sets one showing Ten in a white uniform, the other one in a red one, the third one from 2014 is red also. Hasbro released a white uniformed Ten Numb action figure as part of their Star Wars: The Legacy Collection toy line. Numb is included in the Rebel Pilots Series I Evolutions pack, along with Wes Janson and Dorovio Bold, and is erroneously depicted on the cover of the Battle Pack with an A-wing instead of a B-wing.



Ten Numb rogue leader

Ten Numb right after the Invasion of Bakura.

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