Tendis Ancum was a Human male who supported the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


Tendis was a native of Tuttin IV, but had taken a job as a foreman at a factory on Beltrix III when the Empire took over Tuttin IV. His wife, Jioie, accompanied him as his assistant. Their jobs were cover for their role in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The two left their son, Ryley Ancum, in the care of Shran Etison. Unaware of his parents' role in the Rebellion, Ryley used his music to send codes to Keth Beamis on Beltrix III. Onjo Fegel, an Imperial spy from Tuttin IV, tried to infiltrate the Agency as a member of the Far Cry band, but Ryley Ancum managed to warn the Rebels ahead of time and foil Fegel's plans. Ryley was delighted and surprised at his audition to learn the cell leaders were his parents and Tet Tramys, his music teacher. He did nothing to show that he recognized them, preserving their cover.


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