"You haven't thought this through. The entire Sixth Fleet is in orbit. They'll blast you to bits before you reach the third target."
"Not me, Wynn. Us. You, me, Fost Bramsin, Drikl Lecersen, Merratt Jaxton, and ninety-six other very important Coruscanti."
"You're holding us hostage?"
"I'm hosting a sabacc tournament. And the invitation did say 'no early departure.'"
―Wynn Dorvan and Booster Terrik[src]

The Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge was hosted in 44 ABY by Booster Terrik on the Errant Venture. The invitations were passed out by Lando Calrissian to 100 of the most influential politicians on Coruscant, as part of a plot to help the Jedi launch their StealthXs safely. As soon as the politicians were aboard the Errant Venture, Terrik had their security teams incapacitated by coma gas, and then he opened fire on orbital mirrors over Coruscant to distract the Galactic Alliance Sixth Fleet—the fleet could not return fire with the politicians on board, and the distraction allowed the StealthXs to launch successfully. The tournament continued as the Errant Venture traveled to Pydyr with the StealthXs, where the starfighters helped Luke and Ben Skywalker fight off the Sith. By that time, the tournament was down to its final table, with Chief of Staff Wynn Dorvan the favorite to win.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

"Then you do plan to launch the StealthXz? When?"
"When we can do so without fighting our way off Coruscant."
Saba Sebatyne and Kenth Hamner[src]

In 43.5 ABY, several Jedi began to fall prey to a Force psychosis, causing strained relations between the New Jedi Order and the Galactic Alliance government. Meanwhile, exiled Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, encountered a new Sith Tribe. The Jedi Order wanted to send a wing of StealthXs to assist the Skywalkers, but were unable to due to first a Mandalorian raid on the Jedi Temple,[2] and later a siege of the Temple.[1]

When the siege was lifted in 44 ABY, the Jedi Council wanted to launch the StealthXs as quickly as possible, but interim Grand Master Kenth Hamner wanted the Jedi to wait—he had secretly made a deal with Alliance Admiral Nek Bwua'tu to wait to launch the StealthXs until Bwua'tu gave his word, in order to ensure the cooperation of the Alliance Navy with the Jedi strike team. However, an assassination attempt on Bwua'tu left him in a coma, unable to help, and when the rest of the Council learned of Hamner's actions, they grew furious and relieved him of his duty, determined to launch the StealthXs.[1]

Meanwhile, Lando Calrissian and Jaina Solo had returned to Coruscant with news of the Sith Tribe building a war fleet, and the Jedi decided that they needed to launch their StealthXs as soon as possible; although they acknowledged that, with the Galactic Alliance Sixth Fleet in orbit, they would need to distract the fleet in order to launch safely. Calrissian thus passed out invitations to the first ever Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge, a sabacc charity event to be held for one hundred of the most influential politicians on Coruscant—including Senators Fost Bramsin and Haydnat Treen, General Merratt Jaxton, and Moff Drikl Lecersen. The entrance fee for the tournament was AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png1,000,000, and the top prize was AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png50,000,000.[1]

The tournament[edit | edit source]

"One bit of good news. It looks like Wynn Dorvan may be considering early retirement."
[Simultaneously] "Retirement?"
"That's right. He made the final table, and he's the hands-down favorite to win the first Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge."
―Lando Calrissian, and Luke and Ben Skywalker[src]

Booster Terrik, the tournament's host

The Jedi coordinated carefully with Booster Terrik, who agreed to hold the tournament in his Star Destroyer, the Errant Venture. Treen was running late to the event, but Galactic Alliance Chief of Staff Wynn Dorvan had heard about the tournament and showed interest, and as they were pressed for time, Terrik agreed to give him her chair. As the Jedi prepared to launch their StealthX wing, Terrik saw that the politicians' security teams were incapacitated by coma gas, and the Errant Venture began to open fire on some of Coruscant's Orbital Mirrors. The Galactic Alliance could not strike back with one hundred important government figures aboard the vessel, and Terrik suggested that Dorvan—who was still on the bridge, send a message to Chief of State Natasi Daala, explaining the situation to her. He was reluctant, claiming that she did not negotiate for hostages, but eventually complied. Although Hamner attempted to prevent it, the StealthXs successfully launched and, thanks to the sabacc tournament, safely left Coruscant in the company of the Errant Venture.[1]

Despite the fact that Dorvan sat down to the table ten minutes late, he was successful in the tournament. As the Errant Venture traveled with the StealthXs to meet the Skywalkers on the moon Pydyr, the three-day tournament reached its final table. By the time of their arrival at Pydyr, Dorvan was the favorite to win the tournament and he won.[3] The strike team also arrived in time to help rescue the Skywalkers from the Sith.[1]

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