"Yousa have returned oursa Staff! Wesa will do as yousa ask, Gallo."
―Tenko, to Gallo, upon the retrieval of his village's Sacred Staff[src]

Tenko was a male Ankura Gungan from the planet Naboo and the Boss of the city of Otoh Jahai. During a war between the Gungan tribes in the year 3000 BBY, Boss Gallo of Otoh Sancture approached Tenko with a request that he stop fighting other tribes and join his forces to Gallo's cause: defeating the warlord Boss Rogoe. Tenko agreed to help only if Gallo returned his city's Sacred Staff from the city of Otoh Langua. After Gallo discovered that the staff was not in the possession of Otoh Langua, but rather located in the forest, and returned the staff to Tenko, the Otoh Jahai Boss did as promised and sent troops to join Gallo's Grand Army.


"Otoh Langua stolen oursa sacred staff. If theysa return it, then wesa might talk peace."
―Tenko, to Gallo[src]

Boss Tenko in Otoh Jahai with the Sacred Staff

Tenko was a male Ankura Gungan with green skin from the planet Naboo and the Boss of the Gungan city of Otoh Jahai by[1] the year 3000 BBY,[2] a time when many Gungan cities were fighting each other. During an effort to unite the Gungan villages and defeat the warlord Boss Rogoe in the war between the Gungan tribes, Boss Gallo of Otoh Sancture approached Tenko, asking for a stop to the inter-tribe violence and assistance in his quest to avenge his city, which had been destroyed by bursas under Rogoe's control. Tenko agreed but only if Gallo promised to return the Sacred Staff stolen from his village by the people of Otoh Langua, a charge denied by Boss Hantic, their leader. When Gallo discovered the missing staff in the forest, not in the possession of Otoh Langua, he returned it to Otoh Jahai, and Tenko agreed to halt attacks on Otoh Langua and lend the support of his troops to Gallo's cause by donating four heavy militiagungs. With the support of Tenko and the newly formed Gungan Grand Army, Gallo went on to unite all the Gungan tribes and defeat Rogoe, thus ending the war.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Tenko was unwilling to stand down from a fight if his people were at risk. He was also quick to assume the people of the village of Otoh Langua were responsible for the loss of his village's Sacred Staff. Once proven wrong, though, he made sure to stick to his promise and was willing to lend troops to Boss Gallo's cause.[1] The Gungan's surname was a term used to refer to a sharp weapon.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Boss Tenko made his first and only appearances in the 2001 PC video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds and its expansion pack, Clone Campaigns. Tenko appears in the second mission of the Gungan campaign, titled "The Gungan Who Would Be Boss," and his character icon is the same as most other Gungan Boss character icons in the game. No voice actor is credited for Tenko in the game's credits.[1] The Prima Games strategy guide for the game indirectly mentions Tenko as a voice the player hears as they enter the city of Otoh Jahai.[4]



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