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"We've also determined that the warship was assembled at shipyards in the Bajic sector, jointly owned and operated by the Tenloss Syndicate and lower-level members of the Crymorah syndicate."
―Tarkin informs the Emperor of his findings involving the syndicate[src]

The Tenloss Syndicate was a criminal group that co-owned a shipyards in the Bajic sector with several lower-level members of the criminal group known as the Crymorah syndicate. The shipyards assembled a warship for a rebel cell led by the former Republic Intelligence agent Berch Teller, which the cell used to attack the Imperial facility known as Sentinel Base. During their investigation of the warship, the Empire discovered the shipyard's involvement, and Governor Wilhuff Tarkin informed the Empire of Tenloss's ownership of the facility.[1]

The Tenloss Syndicate was the owner of Ororo Transportation, a front of the syndicate, and were friendly with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Platt Okeefe included them in a list in the Smuggler's Guide on potential clients.[2]

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The Tenloss Syndicate were first mentioned in the novel Shadows of the Empire written by Steve Perry in 1996, which established them to be a criminal group.[3] The syndicate was then brought into canon by the James Luceno novel Tarkin which was published in 2014.

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