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The Tenloss Syndicate was a criminal organization based out of the Bajic sector.


Unlike some other criminal organizations, the Tenloss Syndicate had a legitimate branch of the organization. Under the name of Tenloss Corporation, it owned multiple small companies of various degrees of legality. Those companies produced starships, weapons, and equipment--mostly for the Tenloss Syndicate use. Tenloss' primary interest was controlled by a central governing council. Each company in the Tenloss corporation had its own hierarchy and were directed by one of the sub-councils. Their starships, armor and weapons were also provided to normal paying customers, though most of them were considered illegal and therefore included a certain risk. The organization was mostly concerned with making profits, but when its interests were threatened, it brought full weight of its might on its enemies.[2]


They owned the Modirin Mining Concern, and as a result of the mining company's chromium scam on Aduba-3, they controlled most of the planet. However, they had very little presence there, only sending a ship to collect the 'rent' every so often. The Syndicate manufactured the Hornet-class Interceptor, and illegal weapons such as the DX-2 disruptor pistol. Trillot had relations with the Tenloss Criminal Syndicate.

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