The Tenth Alsakan Conflict was one of the Alsakan Conflicts, a series of civil wars that pitted the influential planet Alsakan against the Galactic Republic and its capital of Coruscant. Occurring sometime after 10,000 BBY, the Tenth Conflict saw the Republic Navy make use of powerful capital ships equipped with mass-driver cannons—planet-busting weapons developed from the technology of the Kumauri Empire. The Republic's tactic of orbital bombardment led to the devastation of the planet Osara in an event known as the Osara Mundicide. The Tenth Conflict ended in a draw sometime before the 9400s BBY, though tensions on both sides would continue to flare over the next seven thousand years.[1]

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The Tenth Alsakan Conflict was first mentioned in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare, under the "Armory and Sensor Profile" entries for Planetary Defenses and Capital Ships.[1]


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