The Tenth Army, also known as Crimson Dagger Command, was a Republic and later Imperial Sector Army charged with the defense of the Quelii Oversector.[1]

During the Clone wars, the 10th Army's primary role was to defend the Outer Rim portion of the Hydian Way. Other missions included the reinforcement of the 9th Sector Army and the prevention of any Separatist incursion among the neutral systems.[1]

After the Declaration of a New Order resulting in the creation of the Galactic Empire, the Sector Army was placed under command of Grand Moff Tanniel. In 19 BBY, Crimson Dagger Command was engaged in a campaign against the Separatist holdouts. Admiral Terrinald Screed and General Hurst Romodi, respectively in command of the fleet and the ground forces, were victorious and became two of the first heroes of the Empire.[1]


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