Terec was a trans non-binary[3] Kotabi Jedi Knight,[4] and the bond-twin of Ceret. Both twins were stationed at the Starlight Beacon space station during the High Republic Era. Their bond meant Ceret and Terec shared the same gestalt mind, frequently finishing each others' sentences even when not in the same room.[2]

Terec and Ceret joined Jedi Master Sskeer and Jedi Knight Keeve Trennis, who had been knighted just before the mission, in traveling to the Kazlin system after Starlight received a scrambled distress signal from the system. Docking the T-1 shuttle with the wreckage of a ship, they began to search for survivors, donning rebreathers upon encountering gas that implied the Nihil had attacked the ship. Terec joined Master Sskeer as the group split up, Trennis and Ceret going towards the flight deck as Terec and Sskeer continued to search the ship. They were soon attacked by a lone Nihil marauder, who injured Terec before being killed by Sskeer.[2]

Terec was patched up by Trennis and waited for Jedi Master Avar Kriss, who was the Marshal of Starlight Beacon, and Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh to arrive at the Hutt ship as Sskeer and Ceret went to Sedri Minor to investigate the source of the grain. There, Terec collapsed as they felt Ceret's pain. As Terec was supported by Rwoh, Kriss contacted Sskeer to learn what had happened.[2]

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