"You paid the Regulators to lock down Makeb, but we've gone way beyond that. And I've seen what the Empire can do."

Tergos was a male Human Vice-Commandant of the InterStellar Regulators during the Galactic War. He was among those who were bought off by the Hutt Cartel prior to the Conquest of Makeb. However, as the planet came dangerously close to destructions, Regulators found less and less reasons to remain on the surface. Tergos and the others were paid extra by the Archon Szajin to stay, even as most of the civilian and Republic forces were evacuated. Szajin promised to prove that Makeb was stabilized, but was confronted and defeated by the Imperial hero who worked with Katha Niar to save the planet. The Imperial then let Tergos and the others go under the condition that they kept quiet about what happened.


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