The Terminus-class destroyer was a capital ship used by the reconstituted Sith Empire and was seen in use by the time of the Cold War.


The Terminus-class was similar in appearance to the smaller Gage-class transport, but wielded far more firepower.[1] Despite the similar features found onboard the two ships, the Terminus destroyer was built as a dedicated warship used for a number of tasks such as escort missions, search and destroy or transporting important Imperial figures. This ship class boasted an impressive array of weaponry making it a match for the Galactic Republic's Thranta-class corvettes and Hammerhead-class cruisers that were used as the workhorses of the Republic Navy. Despite its ability to deal heavy damage to ships of its size, it was incapable of taking on the Republic's Valor-class cruisers. These ships were also used for securing recently captured territories in order to not tie up Harrower-class dreadnoughts.

For the Imperial Navy, the standard Terminus destroyer was commonly seen in skirmishes and battles across the galaxy. However, the ships were modifiable; Darth Marr used a Terminus-class cruiser as his flagship, which was outfitted with additional turbolaser batteries on top of the standard model.[5] Another, more notable example of this was the Ascendant Spear, which was modeled on the Terminus-class's frame, but more than a mile long and boasted far more firepower, a faster hyperdrive, and a specialized command-and-control sphere that integrated the ship's controls into the mind of a cybernetically enhanced Force user.[6] During the Third Galactic War, a version of the ship retrofitted with reactors and engines that utilized Isotope-5 was used in the Meridian Complex assault.[7]


A pair of these vessels were used as patrol ships of the Vesla system in the years after the Great Galactic War. Republic Strategic Information Service agent Theron Shan managed to avoid the two destroyers during his infiltration of the Black Sector.[3]

During the Cold War, Terminus-class destroyers often supported other capital ships during military operations. As well a number of them were used to protect Vaiken Spacedock from enemy attacks in combination with Harrower-class dreadnoughts.[3]

This class would be used greatly during the renewed conflict between the Sith Empire and the Republic known as the Galactic War where they were deployed in combat missions with the iconic Harrower-class dreadnoughts against the Republic Forces. Darth Marr made use of a modified flagship of this class until it was destroyed by the Eternal Fleet in Wild Space.[5] Several more ships would appear at the Invasion of Voss and the Battle of Iokath, under the orders of Empress Acina. Several were also used by the Eternal Alliance in their war against Zakuul.[8]

The ship was still in use during the Third Galactic War, and was present at the Invasion of Ossus. One was present at a deep space skirmish that occurred in the buildup to the Meridian Complex assault, and 73 Terminus-class destroyers were present in that invasion fleet itself.[9]


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