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"As I recall, this port offers some of the most delightfully wicked heel-cooling spots in the galaxy!"
Han Solo, to Chewbacca[src]

Terminus was a planet located within the Terminus system of the Outer Rim Territories.


Terminus ground

A spaceport on Terminus

It was a heavily trafficked shipping center at the edge of the galaxy, not far from the Red Nebula. It sat at the intersection of the Corellian Trade Spine and Hydian Way. The skies of Terminus were filled with bizarre ships hailing from Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.[1]

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Terminus' name and its position as a crucial socioeconomic center at the edge of the galaxy strongly suggest that it is a reference to the planet of the same name that gave rise to a renewed galaxy-spanning empire in Isaac Asimov's Foundation novel series. Furthermore, Asimov's city-planet and one-time galactic capital of Trantor was a partial inspiration for Coruscant.



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