""Ah, home on Kubindi, most beautiful of all worlds. I can almost taste its succulent wroches, its tender termytes! Here, my hive grows the plumpest and tastiest spydrs in the galaxy. Soon we will feast on delicacies you have never imagined!"
―Udin speaks of the delicacies of his homeworld.[src]

The termyte was an insect native to the world of Kubindi and a delicacy by its inhabitants the Kubaz species. They were a wood-boring insects that would constantly grow throughout their life cycle which would begin by burrowing into the trunks of trees and establishing a network of caves inside the tree. However, while it gorged itself on the wood it would grow larger and larger until it was too large to exit from the same entry hole. During the insects life within the tree the females would often lay eggs in the branches so that the young would burrow themselves downwards towards the roots. This was why it was common to see the females climbing up the trees during mating season. During this journey, they would grow to adulthood until they would emerge as adults from the tree trunk near the ground.


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