Terpsichore Station was a facility with mines on the planet Parnassos created by the Con Star Mining Corporation. It was abandoned after the Devastation of Parnassos, leaving only droids behind. Phasma and several Scyre warriors, plus General Brendol Hux and three First Order stormtroopers were escorted from the desert to the station by the droid TB-3, who promised to use the station's medical bay to heal Hux. As payment for use of the medical facilities, the group was required to work the mines of Terpsichore until paying off the debt. The droid D477 was responsible for providing uniforms to the workers, and D473 assigned tasks. During the day, the station had an anti-riot defense mechanism to ensure the workers stayed on task. At night, however, none of the droids responded to unexpected behavior, as they were not monitoring the cameras. As soon as Hux regained his strength, the people hatched an escape plan, deactivated the station's droids, and stole three ground assault vehicles from the station's hangar to continue their journey across the desert.[1]

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Terpsichore Station appears in the 2017 novel Phasma.


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