The Terr'skiar Pass was a hyperspace route connecting the Terr'skiar system with the Deysum system—the capitals of Terr'skiar and Trax sector respectively—via the Bissillirus system. The route was discovered around 200 BBY,[1] when Galactic Republic scout Arnoth Draenell found the Bissillirus system[2] while attempting to blaze a new trail through the southern edge of the Thornhedge Nebula.[1] A hyperdrive malfunction dumped Draenell and his expedition in the system, which they catalogued and noted as a excellent resupply stopover for starships traveling the new Terr'skiar Pass. Around 150 BBY, settlers colonized one of the planets in the Bissillirus system, Draenell's Point, hoping that the Terr'skiar Pass would become a major trade route. Their speculation never bore fruit, but farmers on the planet discovered that Draenell's Point was perfect for agricultural industries.[2]


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