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"When last we left Admiral Screed, the navy had driven the Iska pirates from Fanha and smashed them at Tosste."
Colonel Julyan, during a Strategy and Tactics lecture[src]

Terrinald Screed was a human male who served the Galactic Empire as an officer of the Imperial Navy, along with being a high-ranking member of the Naval Intelligence Agency, in the years following the end of the Clone Wars.


At some point during the Clone Wars, Terrinald Screed lost his eye and had it replaced with a cybernetic one.[2]

By 14 BBY,[3] five years after the end of the war and the transition into the Galactic Empire, Vice Admiral Screed had joined the Naval Intelligence Agency and occupied a high position in its hierarchy. He was present alongside other Imperial officers, including fellow Naval Intelligence officer Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit, on Coruscant when Moff Wilhuff Tarkin arrived to give his report about the attack on Sentinel Base.[2]

Along with Rancit, he requested a meeting of the Joint Chiefs following another rebel attack on Galidraan Station, and argued that the rebel cell posed a much more serious threat than was believed by ISB Deputy Director Harus Ison. However, he was proven wrong in his prediction that the next target would be Nam Chorios, instead of Lucazec. He was again duped when it was discovered by Tarkin and Darth Vader that his colleague Rancit had been a traitor cooperating with the rebels the whole time, having fooled both him and Ison, although this information was kept secret from Screed and others in Naval Intelligence.[2]

Screed was later promoted to admiral, and he led forces of the Imperial Navy in driving the Iska pirates from Fanha before decisively defeating them at Tosste. This feat was remarkable enough that it became mandated learning in Imperial Academies, including the one on Arkanis.[4]

At some point before the Liberation of Kashyyyk, he was killed by pirates off the Iktari Circle.[1]



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