"First trip to Kabal, the convoy hit an ice-asteroid screen and reverted to realspace at Tertiary Fujar. Here came the pirates, only this time they were looking down the barrels of a couple of dozen TDF guns. An hour later the Fujari ships were space junk and their main asteroid base was a crater."
―Memoirs of Firmus Kett[src]

The Tertiary Fujar system was a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Tamarin sector. Around 214 BBY, the Fujari pirate gang operated out of an asteroid base in the system. Following the Bordal Contagion of that year, the Fujari forced a Kett Shipping convoy to emerge from hyperspace into an ambush in the Tertiary Fujari system, but both the pirate starships and their base were destroyed by the Trade Defense Force escort of Kett Shipping's new parent organization, the Trade Federation.


The Tertiary Fujar system was a part of the Outer Rim Territories' Tamarin sector.[1] It contained at least one asteroid.[2]


"One year we ran six convoys to Kabal and had four of them taken by the pirates of Tertiary Fujar."
―Memoirs of Firmus Kett[src]

By the time of the Bordal Contagion of 214 BBY, the pirate group known as the Fujari operated out of an asteroid base in the Tertiary Fujar system. Around that time, the Fujari frequently captured starship convoys that Kett Shipping, a company based in the Rseik sector, ran along the Sanrafsix Corridor hyperlane.[2]

When Kett Shipping became a member of the Trade Federation following the Bordal Contagion, the latter's armed Trade Defense Force ships escorted the next convoy the former sent up the Sanrafsix Corridor. Encountering a screen of ice asteroids, the fleet emerged from hyperspace at the Tertiary Fujar system. The Fujari, unaware of their planned target's new allies, advanced on the convoy, only for their vessels to be routed within a single hour by the Federation forces, with the pirates' base being reduced to a mere asteroid crater. The Tertiary Fujar system was eventually mentioned in the memoirs of the Trade Defense Force captain Firmus Kett.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Tertiary Fujar system was originally meant to be introduced in The Essential Guide to Warfare.

The Tertiary Fujar system was originally meant to be mentioned in the 2012 reference book The Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry and Paul R. Urquhart; however, the sidebar that would have mentioned the star system was cut before the book's release.[2]

The information regarding the Tertiary Fujar system was later released in 2014 as part of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare Author's Cut, a series of articles published on the StarWars.com Blog by Fry and[2] Del Rey editor[3] Erich Schoeneweiss containing various cut content from The Essential Guide to Warfare.[2] The StarWars.com Online Companion to the 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the system in grid square N-19.[1]


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