"Who is that?!"
"My ex-wife. Tes Vevec. Don't shoot her."
Anj Dahl and Hondo Karr[src]

Tes Vevec was a female Mandalorian mercenary who lived during the Second Imperial Civil War. When her father was killed during the Battle of Botajef, Vevec was told by the newly-risen Mand'alor, Yaga Auchs, that her ex-husband Hondo Karr had become a traitor to the Mandalorians and was the one responsible for murdering her father. Vevec tracked Karr—who had joined up with the Galactic Empire on Botajef, only to defect to the Galactic Alliance Remnant at later point in time—intent on avenging her father. She eventually located Karr on Da Soocha's moon, Napdu, and confronted him with the intent to kill. Karr managed to survive Vevec's assault long enough to subdue his ex-wife and force her to hear the truth: Yaga Auchs was the traitor, and her father had died to save Karr's life. Once convinced of his innocence, Vevec was able to come to terms with Karr, and the two departed Napdu together to seek the truth behind Auch's betrayal and exact justice on the treacherous Mand'alor.


"I've tracked that man for almost ten years, and if I've lost him now because of you metal dikuts…"
"Tes! We need to talk!
"You need to die!"
―Vevec and Hondo Karr, amidst fighting security droids[src]

Tes Vevec in her Mandalorian armor

Tes Vevec was a Mandalorian bounty hunter and the ex-wife of Hondo Karr. Her father, the Mandalorian warrior Vevec, was killed at the Battle of Botajef. Following the death of her father, Tes dedicated her life to hunting down her ex-husband, whom she wrongly believed to be responsible. She was deceived by the current Mandalore, Yaga Auchs, who claimed that Hondo was a traitor to the Mandalorian people.[1]

In 137 ABY, she tracked down Hondo on Napdu, where he was on a mission for Rogue Squadron and the Galactic Alliance Remnant. The two engaged in a brawl, but eventually Karr was able to disarm her and reveal her the true story of the events surrounding Botajef. Reunited, Tes and Hondo came to an agreement to work together and find proof of Yaga Auchs's treachery.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Why do you always have to make it so hard, cyar'ika?"
Hondo Karr, Vevec's ex-husband[src]


Vevec wore Mandalorian armor colored primarily orange[1]—the color Mandalorians traditionally associated with a lust for life, or shereshoy, in their culture[2]—with silver shoulder plates, yellow armor plates on her biceps, and a purple painted trim around her helmet's multi-tiered, red-tinted visor. She wore a utility belt with several pouches around her waist, from which hung a maroon-colored kama and the holster for her blaster pistol. Both of Vevec's gauntlets were equipped with retractable vibroblades. Vevec was also in possession of a starship.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tes Vevec first appeared in the forty-first issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic book series, Legacy (2006) 41, where she was introduced as the vengeful ex-wife of Hondo Karr. Though the two were able to reconcile by issue's end, the story of their search for the truth behind Yaga Auchs was left unresolved in both Star Wars: Legacy, and it's mini-series sequel, Star Wars: Legacy—War.



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