The Testament of Varner Hilts, or Slaves No More: The inglorious past and glorious destiny of the Lost Tribe of the Sith, was a speech delivered by Varner Hilts, Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe of Sith, to the Tribe's leaders on Testament Day in 2974 BBY, approximately 2,026 years following the arrival of the tribe's Human ancestors on Kesh during the Great Hyperspace War. The speech followed Hilts' return from Alanciar, a newly conquered continent on Kesh. The actual speech Hilts delivered spoke of the Humans of the Lost Tribe having a slave origin under members of the Sith species. A censored version of the speech circulated among the Keshiri natives of Kesh.


In this article, Hilts revealed that the Lost Tribe was actually descended from Human slaves who had become stranded on Kesh in 5000 BBY. He also explained how the tribe's founder Yaru Korsin had hoodwinked the native Keshiri by coopting a legendary conflict known as the Great Calamity that was fought between the Protectors and Destructors. The Lost Tribe merely claimed to have been the ancient Protectors. Hilts also devoted a significant part of the essay to explaining the Hilts Restoration and his plans to rebuild the ancient system instituted by Korsin. He advocated a meritocratic system of political advancement and eschewed warfare. While Hilts was prepared to tolerate assassinations as a minor discretion, he regarded civil warfare as destructive and counter-productive to the Tribe's political base.

Finally, Hilts outlined a maritime exploration program that involved exploring the lands and seas beyond the main continent Keshtah Minor. He also described ongoing colonization efforts in the continent of Alanciar which was rich in timber that would provide material for constructing a fleet of wooden ships. Hilts then concluded that he hoped that the Tribe would survive until the time that the Tribe re-discovered interstellar travel and could thus conquer the galaxy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Slaves No More was included as an extant plot element within Lost Tribe of the Sith—Spiral 1, which debuted on August 8, 2012.


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