"As you grow older, you'll find that you occasionally have to deal with an excess of testosterone. Often on minor worlds like Ansion. I dislike such distractions."
Luminara Unduli, to her Padawan, after the Jedi Master repelled a group of amorous men[src]

Testosterone was something strongly associated with behaviors exhibited by males,[1] including Human men.[2] This correlation was directly related to actions that were lustful,[1] aggressive,[2] or boastful.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Testosterone was first mentioned in a short story written by Barbara Hambly that was featured in a collection called Tales from Jabba's Palace, Taster's Choice: The Tale of Jabba's Chef. It has since been referenced in novels written by Karen Traviss and Alan Dean Foster, as well as some of Wizards of the Coast's Living Force supplements.

In real life, testosterone is a hormone that men and, to a significantly lesser extent, women produce in their endocrine systems. In men, it increases muscle, maintains energy, fuels a sexual drive, and increases aggression, so it has come to be associated with behaviors related to these developments and males in general.[4]


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