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"His clan are all sentenced to die."

The Tetsu Clan, alternatively known as the Tetsus,[1] was a clan of Rodians from the planet Rodia. They were forced to flee the planet when Navik the Red ordered his own Chattza Clan to exterminate them. Fleeing first to Rodia's moon Enak, Navik's killers eventually tracked them down, killing a number and dispersing the rest. A group moved to Nar Shaddaa to hide in the densely populated underworld.

The most notable member of the Clan was the infamous bounty hunter Greedo, killed by Han Solo. It also included his cousin Beedo and his uncle Avaro Sookcool.

Family tree[]

Unknown mother--+--Unknown father
         |      |     |
        Nok  Teeku  Neela-------+------Greedo the Elder
                         +------+--------+          ?         ?         ?                    ?
                         |               |          |         |         |                    |
                       Greedo        Pqweeduk    Chihdo     Beedo     Avaro Sookcool     Doda Bodonawieedo

Behind the scenes[]

In both The Essential Guide to Characters and The New Essential Guide to Characters, the singular form of "Tetsu" was spelled as "Tetsus."



Notes and references[]

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