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"So tell me more about this ale that your Captain Rhayme hoards all to herself."
"Ale? Oh no, it's Tevraki whiskey. And a finer thing has never touched your lips."
―Jiro asks Lassa Rhayme, who was under the guise of a deserter of her crew, about Tevraki whiskey[src]

Tevraki whiskey was a type of whiskey which . The bounty hunters Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos were given a bottle by the pirate Lassa Rhayme for collecting a bounty, and drank it together while traveling in hyperspace.


"Your friends have good taste, Please let Captain Rhayme know that if she ever wants to hire us again, we'll be there."
―Vos appreciates the whiskey's taste while talking to Ventress[src]

Tevraki whiskey burned like sweet fire when drunk, coating the drinker's tongue and sending warmth through their limbs. The bounty hunter Asajj Ventress considered it delicious and too easy to drink.[1]


"To the next hunt."
"To partnership."
―Ventress and Vos make a toast with the whiskey[src]

During the Clone Wars, the pirate Lassa Rhayme gave a bottle of aged Tevraki whiskey to the bounty hunters Asajj Ventress—a Dathomirian—and Quinlan Vos—a human-Kiffar hybrid—after they successfully claimed a bounty she had placed on her rogue first mate. Vos later persuaded Ventress to drink the whiskey with him while they traveled together through hyperspace in the cargo hold of Ventress's starship Banshee. They drank shots of the alcohol and made a toast to their success and partnership, with Vos drinking more and quickly pretending to become intoxicated to the point he could not stand up without assistance in order to try and get Ventress to reveal information about herself.[1]

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Tevraki whiskey first appeared in 2015 in Dark Disciple, a novel written by Christie Golden based on unused scripts meant for the seventh season of the television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


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