"I know who you are, Teychenne—you're Purton's spymaster."
"You uncovered everything about me. You found the only people I care about and you attacked them. You've studied me. You think you know everything about me?"
"Then tell me honestly—do you think there's any way you can win this fight?"
"No. None whatsoever."
―Boba Fett and Teychenne[src]

Teychenne was the Spymaster of Governor Purton of Concord Dawn. After losing his son Lenovar to a killer by the name of "Jaster Mereel," the governor decided to exact revenge on his son's murderer. Teychenne was able to unearth Mereel's background, discovering that he was the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett. She was also able to locate his loved ones, Sintas and Ailyn Vel, and Connor Freeman. After Purton's failed attempt on Fett and his family's lives, and subsequent death, Fett declared that Teychenne was to work for him.

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