The Teyr Rift was a 4,000 kilometer long canyon on Teyr. The Rift was a famous tourist attraction with said tourism having been the driving force behind many Rift cities' economies. Thousands of cruise ships, yachts, and other tourist vessels arrived daily at overcrowded orbital facilities from which passengers were ferried down to the planet. Though one could dock one's own ship at one of the hangars on Teyr's surface, there was a three hundred percent premium to be paid.

Perhaps the biggest tourist attraction at the canyon was the Rift Skyrail, a high-speed elevated monorail train linking many Rift-side cities. Many tourists rode the Skyrail simply to gaze upon the natural beauty of the massive canyon and it's animal inhabitants (e.g., the mesa goat).

It has been said that the Rift's awe-inspiring vistas are unrivaled throughout the entire galaxy.



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