The Thaereian War, also known as the Thaereian Conflict, was an armed conflict that was fought in the Cularin system during the time of the Clone Wars. In about 32 BBY, the Thaereian military, a defense force from the Thaereian system, was awarded a charter from the Galactic Republic to maintain law and order in the nearby Cularin system, which was plagued by piracy. However, the Cularin system's inhabitants eventually became discontented by the Thaereian's heavy-handed handling of security matters, which led to the formation of the anti-Thaereian Cularin Militia, a native resistance force that sought to drive the Thaereians out of Cularin. In about 21 BBY, the Militia launched Operation False Horizon, an effort to force the Thaereians off of the planet Cularin, and Thaereian troops on the world were forced to retreat to the platform city Soboll, which was subsequently besieged by Militia forces. The Soboll garrison later capitulated, leaving the Thaereian's base on the moon Dorumaa as their sole military installation in the system.

The matter of Cularin self rule was raised in the Galactic Senate, the Republic's government, and the Senate agreed to rescind the Thaereian's charter and to remove to military's jurisdiction to operate in the Cularin system. The Thaereians refused to withdraw and blockaded the Cularin comet cloud, but were defeated and driven out for good by a combined Republic and Militia force during the Battle of Cularin.


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