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The Thalassian slavers were independent slavers hailing from the Thalassian system in the Outer Rim Territories, known to have hijacked starships to enslave everyone aboard. They also served as mercenaries when credits were low. As a result they were also known as the Thalassian Pirates. The most vicious of the Thalassian slavers was known as the Blood Prince of Thalassia.

Thalassian slavers killed many Snivvians, selling their skins for its thermal properties to various industries. This almost led to the extinction of the species.[1]

Prior to the Clone Wars, a group of Senators including Tikkes, Bufus Ritsomas, Danry Ledwellow, and Wuja Wojaine were implicated in a slavery ring by a Thalassian slaver during plea bargain sessions before trial. At this time, the Zygerrians and the Karazaks were also operating slavery groups in the Outer Rim.[2] After the Clone Wars, Thalassian slavers joined forces with the Separatist holdouts in their fight against the Galactic Empire in the Ciutric Offensive.[3]

In times of the Empire, a cell of Thalassian slavers bought the CEC Barloz-class freighter Venom Sting from a mining station after the death of the ship's previous owner, the bounty hunter Xufal D'uat. The Thalassians re-named the ship Twi'lek Dancer and discovered, to their pleasure, that it had been fitted by D'uat to be used as a prison. The Thalassians used this ship as picket defense craft and assault gunboat in their raids, and also customized its engines, shields and weapons. Eventually, the slaver cell was jumped by pirates, who requised the ship.[4]

By 11 ABY, the slavers operated in small groups, each one with a Kaloth-class battlecruiser and several Y164 slave transports along with starfighters and support craft.[5]

One Kaloth-class battlecruiser, named the Harmzuay, would meet a rather violent end at the hands of Admiral Tavira's flagship Invidious in a raid on the Caamasi colony at Kerilt.[6]



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